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    Electical Power Industry

    Metallurgical Industry

    Glass Melting Furnace

    Petrichemical Industry

    Cement Kiln Material

    Universal Refractory Material

    Waste Incinerator

    Warranty cold refractory


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Brief Of Introduction

    Taihu our enterprises located in the well-known tourist city of Yixing-Pacific.Established in October 1992. It is a collection of research, production and operations.Construction for the installation of horizontal integration of the close collaboration and participation in the comprehensive economic entities, including the tertiary institutions.research institutes and Society Association, the brand characteristics of refractories manufacturers, construction units installed.The enterprise has many senior and mid-level engineering and technical personnel as well as advanced production, construction techniques and equipmentThe ISO 9002 quality system certification is unique to the fire, the insulating materials manufacturers.Especially in the glass, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, and other industries have a higher honor.


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